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Frame Size (H x L): 48.5" x 39.25"
Flag Size (H x L): 20" x 27" on a 37" staff
35 star American national parade flag, printed on cotton and retaining its original wooden staff. The stars are arranged in what is known as a medallion configuration. This particular variation consists of two wreaths of stars with a star in the very center and a star in each corner. Perhaps the best design characteristic, however, is the large center star that features what flag collectors have termed a “halo” (the outline around the perimeter). The scale of the flag is also rather large among its counterparts, which contributes a great deal to its desirability. The combination of the size, star pattern, and haloed center star result in what is one of the boldest, wreath pattern, Civil War era, parade flag designs.

In addition to these facts, there are far more parade flags known in the 34 star count, which was used during the opening two years of the war, than in the 35 star count, which became official in July of 1863. Although 35 remained the official star count until July 4th, 1865, following the war’s end, most flag making, especially that which was not under military contract, would have included a 36th star upon the addition of Nevada on October 31st, 1864. This means that 35 star flags were realistically produced for less than a year-and-a-half. Scarcity is thus one reason why 35 star parade flags are so interesting, and another is the fact that they are often larger and more visual, with elaborate star configurations.

Although the maker that produced these flags is unknown, parade flags with a haloed center star exist in at least five other star counts including 30, 31, 34, 36, and 42. Three examples also exist, probably from different makers, that bear 13 stars. One dates to 1856 and was made for the presidential campaign of James Buchanan. Another was made for the 1860 presidential campaign of John Bell, who ran against Abraham Lincoln, as an independent, on the Constitutional Union Party ticket. Another style, printed on a wool and cotton blended fabric, dates to the 1876 centennial and all of its 13 stars have halos.

Mounting: The flag was mounted and framed within our own conservation department, which is led by expert staff. We take great care in the mounting and preservation of flags and have framed thousands of examples.

The black-painted and hand-gilded molding, with its broad, early American profile, is Italian. The background is 100% cotton twill, black in color. The glazing is U.V. protective plexiglass.

Condition: There is minor loss with associated fraying on the three sides away from the staff. There are 2 small holes in the canton, each contained within one of the stars, and there are a couple of pinprick-sized holes elsewhere. There is minor oxidation and soiling. There is some pigment loss toward the fly end. There is some misprinting in the canton, one line of which extends into the 4th red stripe.
Collector Level: Advanced Collectors and the Person with Everything
Flag Type: Parade flag
Star Count: 35
Earliest Date of Origin: 1863
Latest Date of Origin: 1865
State/Affiliation: West Virginia
War Association: 1861-1865 Civil War
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