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Frame Size (H x L): 35.75" x 49.75
Flag Size (H x L): 24" x 38.25
The Power Squadron of the Boston Yacht Club was formed in 1914. It was the first organization in the new sport of power boating and was dedicated to educating and training power boat pilots. In its early days, the Power Squadrons were instrumental in training boaters in maneuvering and other tactics necessary for military action. They trained many men who would become WWI naval officers. Post-WWI they branched out to all boaters and were less focused on military issues. The organization still exists today and has chapters across the U.S..

The Power Squadrons flag is a bold and colorful variation on the Stars and Stripes. It is specifically a variant of the 13 star flags with anchors that were designed for pleasure yachts in 1848, so that they could bypass customs without the inspection necessary for a trading vessel.

The stars are made of cotton and are double-appliquéd (applied to both sides) with a zigzag machine stitch. The canton and stripes of the flag are made of wool bunting. There is a canvas binding along the hoist with two brass grommets. The name "E. Eyre" is inscribed along the binding with a dip pen. This would be the name of former owner and it was common to mark flags in this fashion during the 19th and early 20th centuries.

This flag was made by the Annin Company in New York City, as evidenced by the tag along the hoist that reads “High Grade Bunting; All Wool; Reg, U.S. Pat. Off.; The Best Since 1847." Annin is our nation's eldest flag-maker that is still in business today. The company was founded in the 1830's, incorporated in 1847, and was located in New York until the 1960’s, when it moved to Verona, New Jersey.

High Grade was an Annin brand name and represented one of their best quality examples. This is an earlier Annin tag and the flag would have been made sometime between the founding of the Power Squadrons in 1914 and the 1920’s.

Mounting: The flag has been hand-stitched to 100% silk organza on every seam and throughout the star field for support. It was then hand-stitched to 100% hemp fabric. The mount was then placed in a black-painted, hand-gilded and distressed Italian molding. The glazing is U.V. protective Plexiglas.

Condition: There is extremely minor mothing, but the overall condition is excellent.
Collector Level: Beginners and Holiday Gift Giving
Flag Type: Sewn flag
Star Count: 13
Earliest Date of Origin: 1914
Latest Date of Origin: 1929
State/Affiliation: Massachusetts
War Association:
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