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Frame Size (H x L): 49.75" x 39.75" x 4.5" deep
Flag Size (H x L): 23.25" x 38.75" on a 29" staff
Silk banner of the type produced for fraternal organizations, fire departments, and veteran's groups between the 1860's and the 1920's. This particular example was made for the Comet Club in San Francisco in 1912. The front is comprised of a single length of Navy blue silk, on which the following text is painted in gold gilt, shadowed with cornflower blue:

"Comet Social & Outing Club Inc.; Organized, May 24, 1912.; Incorporated, June 13, 1912.; S.F."

The central device is a comet, painted in gold gilt on a grey cloud with cornflower blue highlights. The top is overlayed with an pleated curtain of ivory silk, trimmed in gold bullion tape and fringe and adorned with a bullion star and tassels. The perimeter of the banner is trimmed in bullion tape of the type used on the trousers of military officers' dress uniforms, with spiraled rosettes in the lower corners, flanking each side of the bottom of the banner. This is finished in a scallop and pediment design with bullion fringe beyond the tape along the edge.

The back side of the banner was finished with a 46 star silk parade flag. This was the official star count until July 4th, 1912.

At the top, 4 brass rings allow the banner to be fitted to a brass rod with acorn finials at either end.

Halley's Comet has an orbital period of about 75-76 years and has had a significant impact on various societies over time, viewed with an almost religious fervor and much celebration. It appeared on the 20th of April, 1910 and the event was followed by a flurry of objects and persons becoming namesakes of English astronomer Edmond Halley, who named the comet in 1705.

Research into the Comet Social and Outing Club turned up no information whatsoever. It may be that the group was short-lived.

Mounting: The banner has been hand-stitched to a background 100% hemp fabric. The mount was then placed in a black-painted, hand-gilded and distressed Italian molding. A shadowbox was created to accommodate the staff. The glazing is U.V. protective acrylic.

Condition: There is minor splitting of the silk fabric. There is minor to moderate paint loss in the central device. The overall condition is extraordinary considering the materials and age and the textile was obviously well cared for.
Collector Level: Intermediate-Level Collectors and Special Gifts
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Earliest Date of Origin: 1912
Latest Date of Origin: 1912
State/Affiliation: California
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