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Dimensions (inches): Holster - 10" x 5", Frame - Approx. 16.5" x 11.5"
Native American beadwork holster, made of tanned leather, ca 1870-1890. The design is that of an American flag with 58 cross-hatch stars and 13 stripes. As with most American Indian artifacts, the star count is merely decorative, but the number of stripes, in this case, appears to be intentional. It is unusual, however, to have a star count greater than the actual. The inclusion of so many stars makes for unusual graphics; it is more typical to include just a small handful of stars, nowhere near the actual number.

The leather is polished to a light sheen with handling over time, displays great color and patina. The overall shape and imagery are wonderful.

Mounting: The holster has been conserved and framed by our conservation staff. The black-painted molding is Italian. A deep shadowbox was created to accommodate the depth of the object. The glazing is Optima museum glass.

Condition: There are no significant condition issues.
Primary Color: red, white, blue, brown
Earliest Date: 1870
Latest Date: 1890
For Sale Status: Available
Price $6,500
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