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Frame Size (H x L): 9.5" x 7.5"
Flag Size (H x L): 5" x 3"
8 star American national-style parade flag, block-printed on coarse, glazed cotton. This flag was made during the Civil War period to commemorate Virginia’s secession from the Union. On April 17th, 1861, Virginia became the 8th Confederate state to secede, following the initial wave of 7 states that had taken place on the preceding February 4th. The stars of the flag are arranged in a medallion configuration comprised of a wreath of 7 stars surrounding a single, large star center star.

While northern children waved their 13 star flags and flags with the full star count, some of their southern counterparts waved 7, 8, and possibly 9 star flags as a subtle means of displaying Confederate loyalties. Parade flags with 7 stars are the most common. Most are not war period, but made after the fact, during a time when it was ill-advised to wave confederate flags in public. Those with 9 stars are much scarcer and most, like their 7-star counterparts, are of post-war production.

8 star parade flags are also rare and all of those I have encountered are war-period. Note the crude and whimsical profile of the stars on this particular example, which contributes substantially to its appeal.

Mounting: The gilded American molding dates to the period between 1840 and 1870. The flag has been hand-stitched to 100% cotton, black in color, which has been washed to reduce excess dye. An acid-free agent was added to the wash to further set the dye and the fabric was heat-treated for the same purpose. The glazing is U.V. protective acrylic.

Condition: There is significant fabric loss in the white stripes. Fabric of similar coloration was placed behind these areas during the mounting process for masking purposes. There is significant oxidation and there is moderate fading of the blue canton. Many of my clients prefer early flags to show their age and history of use. Further, the rarity of this example well-warrants almost any condition.
Collector Level: Advanced Collectors and the Person with Everything
Flag Type: Parade flag
Star Count: 08
Earliest Date of Origin: 1861
Latest Date of Origin: 1861
State/Affiliation: Virginia
War Association: 1861-1865 Civil War
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