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Frame Size (H x L): 22.25"x 27"
Flag Size (H x L): 12.25" x 17.25"
46 star American parade flag, printed on cotton. The stars are arranged in a rectilinear fashion, but vary in position on their vertical axis. This adds substantial folk quality to the flag’s design. The striking, royal blue canton and scarlet red stripes also lend to its strong visual appeal.

The 46th state, Oklahoma, joined the Union on November 16th, 1907, during Teddy Roosevelt’s presidency. Roosevelt had many friends in the Oklahoma Territory from his Rough Rider days, and pushed it through to statehood. The 46 star flag became official on July 4th, 1908 and remained so until July 3rd, 1912. Many 46 star flags were made earlier, however, in great anticipation of the future addition of the state, which had previously been appointed to Native Americans.

Mounting: The flag has been hand-stitched to 100% cotton, black in color, which has been washed to reduce excess dye. An acid-free agent was added to the wash to further set the dye, which was heat-treated for the same purpose. The mount was then placed in a black frame with a cove-shaped profile and faint red highlights, to which a flat liner was added that has a finish like gunmetal. Spacers keep the textile away from the glazing, which is U.V. protective glass.

Condition: The colors are strong and bright. There is very minor soiling adjacent to the canton, in addition to some even lighter areas in the bottom center of the flag. The flag presents beautifully and the colors are exceptional.
Collector Level: Beginners and Holiday Gift Giving
Flag Type: Parade flag
Star Count: 46
Earliest Date of Origin: 1907
Latest Date of Origin: 1912
State/Affiliation: Oklahoma
War Association:
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