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Frame Size (H x L):
Flag Size (H x L): 16" x 26.25"
Flag of the nation of Cuba, made in the period between roughly 1895 and the 1920, in a great small scale and with pieced-and-sewn construction. The red, triangular canton and 5 blue and white bars are all made of cotton and joined with treadle stitching. The star is made of cotton and double-appliqu├ęd (applied to both sides) with a lineal machine stitch. There is a binding along the hoist made of tan mattress ticking with fine blue stripes and a loop of the same fabric, slightly smaller in with, stitched to the top and bottom. Note that the blue fabric has a light glazing, which gives it a nice luster.

The sewing machine was mass-marketed by Singer in America in 1855, and quickly spread elsewhere, and was simultaneously produced and sold by various European countries. By 1900 distribution was so wide spread that even on a small island like Cuba, there were lots of them in use. In December of 1905, the following appeared in The Cuba Review and Bulletin (Vol. IV, Number 1, Page 9): "If the sewing machine were indicative of the degree of civilization of a country, Cuba would certainly occupy a high place among nations, for the relative number of these machines used and sold annually is very great."

The small size of the flag makes it easily framed and displayed and increases its value to collectors. The blue is a deep indigo that contrasts nicely with the scarlet red of the canton. This is supposed to be equilateral, but is unusually long, with the sides extending onto the striped field approximately two inches longer than the one along the hoist. The overall proportions are elongated and seem even more so due to the extension of the triangular wedge.

The flag of Cuba was adopted on May 20, 1849 and, unlike the flags of most nations, has remained the same over the course of time.

Mounting: The flag has not yet been mounted. We employ professional staff with masters degrees in textile conservation and can attend to all of your mounting and framing needs.

Condition: There is very minor fading of the blue bars in limited areas and there is extremely minor soiling in the white bars. Many of my clients prefer early flags to show their age and history of use.
Collector Level: Intermediate-Level Collectors and Special Gifts
Flag Type: Sewn flag
Star Count:
Earliest Date of Origin: 1895
Latest Date of Origin: 1920
State/Affiliation: Other
War Association: 1898 Spanish American War
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