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For the entirety of my adult experience in collecting and selling antiques, painted American furniture in original or early surface has been my first love. Nothing peaks my attention like a fantastic set of Pennsylvania decorated chairs in rare salmon paint, or

I have been very lucky in life to be able to sell hundreds of examples of early painted country American furniture, and to be surrounded by it every day in both my own personal collection as well as my inventory.

I am inspired by the dynamic designs of the Pennsylvania German community, and the furniture of other rural Americans who did not generally have great financial means. The lifeblood of this nation lay in the poor but hard working individuals who populated it in the 17th-19th centuries.

Craftsmen who made objects for the working class strove in their creativity to create utilitarian objects that also pleased the eye. They roughly copied the designs of their urban counterparts, then used paint and imagination to breath happiness into their work. Life for most early Americans with little or moderate means was everything but easy, and death was commonplace. Color and delightful forms helped to lift the spirit.

While today’s comforts and modern medicine have changed the lives we live, the colorful artifacts of early America give no less pleasure. I strive to acquire furniture with strong color, bold design, and excellent early surfaces. Be sure that you will not find examples on this website that have been subject to significant contemporary repainting or structural restoration. Original or otherwise early condition is of extreme importance in collecting, and only the most minor repairs are pursued when necessity prevails.

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